Wildacres is broken up into 2 semesters. Registration is on the first day. The next two days are the first semester of classes. The following day is an activity day where participants are free to do activities such as sight seeing, going on a field trip or to a museum, or just relax. The next two days are the second semester classes. Our week ends with breakfast on Sunday.

Classes are either two days or four days.  Gem Trees, Silversmithing, Intarsia, Wire wrapping, PMC (Precious Metal Clay)  and Scrimshaw are two day classes. Usually the first semester is a basic or introductory class while the second semester is a more advanced class. Intarsia is a basic class offered both semesters. Stained Glass and Gemology/Gem ID are 4 day classes (2 days each semester).

If you have any more questions feel free to e-mail  Mark Kucera, EFMLS Wildacres Director at