Spring 2020 Speaker-in-Residence


Spring 2020 Speaker-in-Residence

  How many people do you know who have a mineral named after them? Bob has been writing about minerals most of his life. He is a founding member of Rock & Gem Magazine and has been disseminating his knowledge regularly for a national audience through publications for over 50 years. We are fortunate and grateful to have Bob present at our Spring Semester and this could be his last speaking arrangement at Wildacres.

Spring 2020 - Proposed Talks

Kartchner Caverns, Arizona-

 The discovery and development of one of the ten most beautiful caverns in the world. 


 Everyone's favorite mineral, its varieties, causes of color. 

Black Smokers-

The hydro-thermal vents in the ocean that are creating mineral deposits of the future.


 Theories of formation, the history and noted localities of this beautiful form of quartz. 


 The varieties of tourmaline, what causes of  color and well known localities. 

My Favorite Mineral Stories-

 Some of the experiences that happened during my world travels.