Benefits to local members of the EFMLS


~ In recent history ~

Although 2020, was problematic on many levels for so many of us and to a larger extent for many of our affiliate Member Societies.  It also created a dynamic for immense opportunities for the Corporation and the EFMLS Stakeholder Members.  As another exercise in forward thinking and a concerted
effort to move the Federation in a modern direction, President Nock created the Federation Zoom account
in December of 2019.  What he didn’t know was that this platform would
one day be put to use sooner rather than later.  We all
now know, this was a game changer.

Click here for “The Bus – Wrap Up Show”

-from the July/Aug 2021 issue of the EFMLS Forward Newsletter:

The article in the current newsletter directs the reader here for, The Bus – Wrap Up Show!  A discussion by the audience on the latest EFMLS TV episode, “One Hell of a Ride, Point A to Point B” (an overview) and your chance to win a mineral prize.  Audience participation required to win.


Our REAL journey between Point A and Point B


Value Added Benefits in recent history, defined below: At-A-Glance-***

*** The following list is incomplete as these items are more tangible than the countless service measures taken by the current administration for the benefit of he average EFMLS local Society Member.

-It needs to be noted:. Until 2020, the Eastern Federation ONLY met one time per year on average at the Annual Convention.  This is important to qualify the “business” as usual of the Corporation.  Zoom-togethers however, solved this ever-so historic problem.


    In late 2018, engagement with the EFMLS Stakeholders Members from the EFMLS Administration could only be ascertained through the then, EFMLS News Newsletter.  A maximum of three local society members were sent the newsletter at that time.  Starting from basically zero ( or 0.006% ) out of the approx. 10,000 local members (see pg 4 of May 2019 newsletter), President Nock set out to increase the engagement from this “zero” baseline.  PRIMARY GOAL: Increase Member Engagement.

Processes, Steps, Actions
2018 – 2019

5/2018 – President Elect Nock has the EFMLS facebook page he created launched.  Member Engagement 1.

11/2018 – Newsletter Reader Survey (Member Engagement 2 (ME-2)/ see above paragraph May 2019 link).  NOTE: This was the first of 6 feedback type measures for data collection (polls, ballots, form questions, etc.) to the present day.

11/2018 – Regional Vice Presidents (Now Regional Reps) began quarterly meetings. (This program ultimately failed due to lack of continued interest since Feb 2020)

11/2018 through 4/2020 – New EFMLS Website process and delivery (independent of AFMS/amfed) with constructive domain name,  See Website Story (coming soon)

4/2019 through 9/2020 – President chose to carry on the “news” himself after previous Editor left.  Newsletter email distribution to local Society Officers was doubled from 3 to 6 recipients for most affiliate Societies.  Member Engagement 3 (ME-3).  Email communication increased by the newly created Communications Office (then,  Member email list began to grow.

8/2019 – Beta version of launched and 3 new Field Programs announced.  Member Engagement 4.  NOTE: The previous Webmaster created a great EFMLS Website in the early 2000’s and maintained the site for well over 10 years which all of us are grateful for.  AND MOST IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  The previous website ( was on the AFMS Server and no website security or SSL was in place until just a few months ago.  This ASAP move to a Beta version of, was due to the continued phishing emails which the AFMS exposed our affiliate Society Officers email addresses for 10 plus years.

11/2019 through Present – President steps in to manage the Annual Insurance Renewal Process.  In 2019,  process resulted in fillable PDF forms.  Feedback was positive, work of EFMLS Treasurer and local Society Treasurers was significantly reduced.

12/2019 through 3/2020 – Eastern Field Trip Alliance field sharing program, 2 teleconferences with approximately 15 Societies in attendance.


2/2020 – Annual Membership Renewal process also recreated, using the fillable PDF format.  More positive feedback from the affiliate Societies on this process.

4/2020 – Official Site was launched.

4/2020 & 7/2021 – New EFMLS Membership Cards.  Enhanced content.  Member Engagement 5.  Distribution of cards hold the potential to reach all local Society members.

5/2020 – Password Protected Online Annual Directory – Process enhanced security to protect local member contact information.

5/2020 through Present – EFMLS Communications Office began sending regular email broadcasts through email marking platforms.  Member See (com (ME-3)

5/2020 through Present –  In May, 2020, The EFMLS Change Management & Leadership Council was formed.  (see  Monthly and weekly (Fall & Winter, 2020) meetings.  Program designed to promote initiatives, programs and ways to move the Federation in a modern and organized direction due to the previous EFMLS hierarchy and operating structure was not working for the benefit of the local Societies and their members.

5/2020 through Present – The virtual world began within the Eastern Federation.  Member Engagement 6 (ME-6 or ME-Z for Zoom).  (List page of all Zoom events coming soon).  To date, over 250 individual local members of the Eastern Federation have participated in a virtual event.

5/2020 through 10/2020 – 6 Presentations of Guest Speakers.  (ME-Zoom)

6/2020 through 10/2020 – 3 President Roundtables in 2020, including one President’s virtual Happy Hour (HH in spirit and not necessarily in spirits).  (ME-Zoom)

7/20 – Dedicated Email Addresses created for most Federation Positions.  A professional/business look was desired.  (ME-3)

7/2020 & 1/2021 – 2 call for EFMLS Records (Property) from past record holders.  Due to overwhelming lack of archival/historical documentation.  Zero compliance from record holders to date.

8/2020 – First ever virtual Official Board of Directors Meeting, (not travel dependent) legally qualified (NY State), was held due to the Pandemic.  Outcome: 2021 Membership Dues waived by BOD vote (President Nock’s proposal, i.e. constraints of Pandemic outcome).  2 Wildacres Scholarships were voted for and approved.  (ME-Z)

9/2020 through 5/2020 – Starting with local Society Editors, President Nock continues to create virtual RoundTable events for other local Society Officer Groups.  On 4/28 the Editors United group held their 5th Roundtable.  Exclusive to local Society Officer Groups: Field Trip  Personnel, Webmasters, etc.  (ME-Z)

9/2020 through 10/2020 – 3 Bylaws Review Meetings and Official Voting Meeting.  New amended EFMLS Bylaws.  Of all the advances in the organization’s business afforded by the ratification of the 2020 Bylaws, if there is one takeaway, it securely and firmly reinstates the local EFMLS Society Presidents as the Primary Governing Body (authority) of the EFMLS.  (ME-Z)

10/2020 & 7/2021 – 2020 & 2021 EFMLS Annual Meetings held virtually with limited Annual Convention activities.  (ME-Zoom)

11/2020 – Complimentary Zoom Accounts created under the EFMLS Zoom License.  8 accounts were designated to the 8 Regions of the EFMLS.  Member Engagement 7.  Provides the local Societies the opportunity to engage with THEIR local members at no cost to their Society.

12/2020 – First Holiday Party of the EFMLS on record (A Zoom “Festivus”).  Contests with mineral prizes were awarded.  (ME-Z)


1/2021 – Winter 2021 Member Survey launched to elicit feedback on recently initiated program and their effectiveness during the Pandemic.  (ME-2)

1/2021 through 7/2021 – 3 Presentations, 7 Guest Speakers in total.  *7/8, current Administration final public presentation, see 7/2021 at the end.

2/2021 – New Insurance Renewal Process.  Online form on  Over 80% of all renewing Societies stated new process easier and more efficient. (ME – 2)

2/2021 through 5/2021 – Nationwide Zoom participation for EFMLS Sponsored events.  Largest participation from the discussion in February on collecting access issues in areas around the U.S. among Field Trip Leaders.  April and May saw an Editors United RoundTable and Webmaster Forum with participants from across the country, including Alaska.  (ME-Z)

3/2021 through Present – New Federation Newsletter, “EFMLS Forward” with the purpose to hear from local Society Members.  Member Engagement 8.

5/2021 – Diversity Program Office was created.

5/2021 – 2 Polls to determine viability and awareness of 2021 AFMS/amfed affiliation membership.  Also included an online petition asking the AFMS to waive all other Regional Federation AFMS 2021 Dues.  The question?  “Why can’t they pay it (goodwill) forward,” as we have done with our members?  (ME-2)

6/2021 – “The Ballot.”  Certified Mail to each local President (BOD Member) on record to determine the direction they want the EFMLS to head.  (ME-2)

7/2021 – Final Zoom Presentation of the current Administration.  RockHound INSIDE Diversity Summit with multiple Industry Guest Panelists.


7/10/21 – The New Eastern Federation begins.  A significant amount of leg work was completed by the current (legal) administration to make the EFMLS a respectable Service Organization.  Our new leaders will move the organization in the next era which has now begun.  Our foundation has been shored!  Great things will happen as we begin this new model of business that thinks forward to our shared future and opportunities this Federation can provide.


Member Engagement increased from 0.006%

Over 90% of all Value Added Benefits were introduced by the current EFMLS Administration without input from the EFMLS Stakeholder Members or any previous Federation Administration.*

*In doing so, the current administration was faced without any previous stakeholder engagement to identify what sort of or type of benefits the local Societies needed or wanted.  We came up with the above, we tried our very best and we hope that this may have been what you were looking for in a parent organization.

Thank you,
EFMLS Executive Committee
“It’s been our pleasure to serve you!”