Youth Rockhound Programs

 The Eastern Federation has a committee that is set up to guide organizations in the establishment and operation of youth activities. The EFMLS program is tied in with the excellent American Federation Junior Activities Merit Badge program.

Future Rockhounds Downloads

Join Future Rockhounds of America (pdf)


Activities for our younger members


Activities For Kids

Kids and adults can work together on activities and experiment, to be amazed, and to learn something new about how processes on and in our earth work. Most activities and experiments use everyday household items that you can find at your grocery store.

Rock Candy

Growing a Geode

Creating A Volcano

Making Molds and Casts of Fossils


Home Hobbies: Rock Collecting

 If you find rocks interesting, you might like to try rock collecting to help you learn more about rocks and minerals. In fact, you could even learn facts about geology as you search around your (home) to add rocks to your collection. Geologists study the physical and chemical changes that led to the way Earth is today. Explore rocks, soil, sand, and water around you and you might even find unusual and rare rocks and minerals to collect.