Field Programs

EFMLS Societies that carry liability insurance take turns hosting a field trip. The hosting interval is based on the number of Societies in the program.

Benefits of being a EFTA member Society:

  • There is usually one EFTA field trip per month, so EFMLS Societies have many field trips to offer their members.
  • The EFTA program gives Rockhounds the opportunity to visit sites to which their home Society may not have access.
  • A different Society hosts each month, there are a variety of field trips.
  • Since the EFTA is part of the EFMLS, trips are all over the east coast.
  • Rockhounds get to meet Rockhounds in other Societies.

EFTA Member Society Responsibilities:

  • Host an EFTA Field Trip
  • After the trip, submit a brief report of the trip
  • After the trip, renew EFTA membership by selecting a month/year from a range provided by the EFTA Coordinator

One of the things people join Mineral & Rock Societies for, is the field trips. Societies everywhere are painfully aware of how difficult it is to find new collecting sites, plus collecting sites they have are disappearing due to construction, new ownership, management changes, etc. Being a member of the EFTA field trip sharing program helps Societies provide an important benefit to their members by having field trips available. Just think of it, in exchange for hosting one trip every couple of years, your Society gets dozens of trips from other Societies!

If you have any questions, please send email to David Nock at