The EFMLS pays tribute to honor Federation Members who have passed away.*  We may also honor non-member individuals who made significant contributions to the RockHound Community.

For submissions, go to the Contact Us page and type “Federation Eternal” along with the complete information on your
Society member you wish to remember.

Recent Ascents

Goodbye my friend..!

July 17, 2021.  Andy Brodeur left us this past week.  Known throughout New England as the Field Trip Guy
for the Connecticut Valley Mineral Club and member of multiple Mineralogical Societies.  If you knew Andy,
you knew he had quite the presence.


Rockhounding and its relationship with Mineralogical Societies and clubs is arguably one of the most unique of any of the hobby related activities out there. We have a special bond with Mother Earth and the treasures that lay within. We get to see, and many times birth, something incredible to the light of day for the first time in millions of years. Like a proud parent waiting to show the world the birth of a child, it is ours!” ~Andy Brodeur


It is with a heavy heart to tell you that RockHound Nation has lost a true champion of our industry.  A champion of collecting- ethics, safety, leadership, hospitality and ACCESS!  And so much more.

David Nock, EFMLS Past President

Andrew Moore Brodeur

October 8, 1963 – July 14, 2021

Andy always said “there are no bad rocks…”

-Diane Burl, CT Valley MC

JUNE 2021

John Nock  (February 25, 1965 – June 13, 2021)
Brother of EFMLS Past President, David Nock.  See Past President’s Page.

MAY 2021

APRIL 2021

MARCH 2021





Federation Eternal Archives (coming soon)

* A candlelight Federation Eternal Memorial Ceremony is held annually during the weekend of the Annual Convention.  The ceremony honors those who have passed since the last Convention.  A moment of silence is typically observed.

 The Federation instituted the current ceremonial activities under the direction of Past President, David Nock (2019 – 2020).