Editors United (EU) Testimonials


The Editors Unite Round Table is a really great place to get ideas about ways to get members of your societies to add content to your newsletter, it helps you to see the difficulties that other editors are having giving you support for your problems. We talk about resources that editors can tap into to help build our newsletters and we share our newsletters so people can source articles in one newsletter and add it to their own newsletter. If you have not joined us yet please consider joining our next round table! I would like to eventually see a merge between this group and scribe. Perhaps people that will allow articles to be used from their newsletter in another Society’s newsletter as long as its sourced could be placed in a special scribe folder for all the editors across the Eastern Federation. If you have not yet joined scribe you should do so, it’s not expensive and you can even have your Society pay for it.

– Alison Pacut, Orange County MS (New York)

I’d like to see Editors Unite on a social media site that we all have access to so that we can engage when we WANT to rather than receiving a lot of emails about details I can’t relate to.

– Cassandra Franklin-Barbajosa, GLMSDC (Wash, DC)

This editor’s group has been wonderful for sharing and learning from.  Given the lack of society meetings, this community has provided a lifeline of sorts through the Covid months.

– June Rogier, Presidential G&MS (New Hampshire)

I’ve found it very interesting and informative to read other mineral society newsletters!  There really is so much good stuff out there.

–  Ken Rock, MSDC (Wash, DC)

It is a pleasure receiving information from other societies.

– Maureen Hartje, SIGS (Staten Island, NY)