Endowment Fund

Cheryl Neary, Chair
First, I would like to thank all that have contributed to another successful drawing-this year. The endowment fund was able to raise almost $6,000.00. The majority of the sale was by Carolyn Weinberger, during the late Spring period of 2018, after the 2018 Convention held in Raleigh, North Carolina. For the record, although the sale was for the 2019 Endowment Fund, monies were reported in the 2018 calendar year – just in case anyone was wondering!

Thanks to Carolyn for all the time and effort she had contributed to the Endowment Fund, for as long as I can remember – and as you see, even while so sick – I will miss Carolyn ….

This year, Larry Huffman has so generously volunteered to fill the shoes of Carolyn.

Why contribute to the Endowment Fund? Simply, your donation of either an item donated to the fund or the purchase of tickets helps tremendously with this important fundraiser for the Federation. The interest from the monies generated is used for AFMS special projects, such as, youth badges, youth training, digitizing of slide programs, just to name a few.

Tickets for the drawing are $5.00 per ticket or 5 for $20.00. You may purchase your tickets from your Federation’s Representative.

So far, I have received the first donation, while at this years’ Convention – Please remember to donate to such a worthy cause in our organization! Also, please remember these guide lines:

  • Each object should weigh no more than 5 pound
  • Each object or combined set of objects should have a minimum value of $75.00

If you are considering donating, either contact your Federation Representative or email me at:

ciervo dot neary at gmail dot com


The item donated to date is as follows:

Northwest – #1 Amethyst Plate and holder

Donated by Doug True, President of AFMS (2018-2019)

Estimated value $375.00

To Purchase Tickets Please Contact:

Larry Huffman
PO Box 2444
Hickory, NC 28603