Each One Teach One (EOTO)

Always involved in teaching others himself, EFMLS President Bramwell Terrill began a program in 1972 which he entitled “Each One – Teach One”. His idea was to encourage Society members to go out and teach others how to cut cabs, collect minerals and fossils, make jewelry, or whatever aspect of our hobby was of interest to them. In its early years, Societies were encouraged to send in the names of those who had taken Bram’s challenge and taught others.

Several years later, the Eastern Federation began to official honor one or two individuals per year for their volunteer activities in teaching others. The guidelines were simple – the individual had to volunteer his services as an instructor and had to belong to an EFMLS Affiliate Society. No one who was paid for his work as a teacher could be recognized. A committee was formed and entries requested. In the early years, many, many individuals were nominated and were recognized by EFMLS for their commitment to Bram’s idea of “Each One – Teach One”.

Nominations should be sent to:
Betsy Oberheim, EOTO Chair
7953 Appalachian Trail
E; Harrisburg, PA 17112.

They may also be sent via e-mail to Betsy at Aoberheim3 at comcast dot net