The New York Paleontological Society

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Organized: 1970
Joined EFMLS: 1996

Board Members:

Donald Phillips
Vice President:
Urszula Golebiewska
Stella L. Cerruti
Frederick J. Pugliese
EFMLS Liaison:
Donald Phillips
Donald Phillips
Paul Lutz
The New York Paleontological Society’s Newsletter

Public Contact Information:

Region 2
Meetings: 3rd Sunday of the month, except June thru August
American Museum of Natural History @ Central Park West, 83rd Street, New York
Check our website for details

Additional Info:

The NEW YORK PALEONTOLOGICAL SOCIETY, founded in 1970, was established to promote the dissemination of knowledge in paleontology and related fields.

In addition to our monthly meetings, the Society offers field trips in the fall and spring to fossil sites both near and far. These are also announced beforehand in the Newsletter and the Web Site. You must be a member to attend Society field trips.

Our Newsletter is published monthly from September to May, and contains articles of interest in paleontology and related topics. The Society also publishes Field Guides to accompany most of the Society’s field trips. New members also receive a copy of our Fossil Collecting Primer, a source for information on collecting and curating a fossil collection

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