Bulletin Editor Advisory Committee (BEAC)

2020 Bulletin Editor’s Contest

CONTEST DEADLINE: January 10, 2020

The BEAC was designed to offer guidance to editors in the publication of their Society newsletters and to honor outstanding longevity of these editors and their contributing authors. The Bulletin Editors’ Contest is held annually as a means to evaluate this work with results announced at the annual convention.

No entries will be accepted by e-mail. Three copies of ALL entries must be mailed in hard copy format.

All entries must be submitted to:

Mary Bateman
52 Harrison St
Morristown, NJ 07960
Phone: 973-993-3192
e-mail: Editor@efmls.org

The deadline for bulletins, articles and special publication submissions is January 10th, 2020. Remember, all of your submissions must have been published in your bulletin/newsletter from November 2018 through December 2019.

The forms below are valid for the 2020 Bulletin Editor’s Contest

Articles by Diane Dare
Judicial Opinions

Sez Who??? – A commentary on research and references as they apply to Original Articles

What Is A Special Publication?