It’s that time of the year again...

EFMLS 2022

Sept 23RD 7pm


About the event

2022 regional Show & EFMLS Convention

The Eastern Federation conducts their Annual Convention each year in concert with a Regional Show sponsored by an Affiliate Member Society. As many members as possible of Member Societies are encouraged to attend, as there are individuals and programs available to help their local organizations with their local business. The weekend events include one or more field trips and a variety of awards are presented at the Saturday Evening Banquet and Editor’s (BEAC) & Website Contest Breakfast. There is also great camaraderie during the event and the shows are always excellent. 

For more information contact the EFMLS Convention Chairman

hosted by:

Central Pennsylvania Rock & Mineral Club

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The Agenda for the convention

Friday, September 23

• Annual Meeting at 7 PM

Saturday, September 24
• Editor’s Breakfast at 8 AM
• Central Pennsylvania Rock & Mineral Club Annual Show – 10 AM to 6 PM
  Location:  Harrisburg Consistory, 2701 N. 3rd Street, ( beside the Zembo Shrine), Harrisburg, PA  17110
• EFMLS Auction at the show venue – 1:30 PM
• EFMLS Banquet    6:00 PM Happy Hour    7:00 PM Dinner

Sunday, September 25
• Central Pennsylvania Rock & Mineral Club Annual Show Chairman – 10 AM to 4 PM
• There is a Sunday morning field trip planned (details to follow)

We will keep you informed of more details as they become available.
Contact the Central Pennsylvania Rock & Mineral Club Annual Show Chairman


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