The Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies, Inc

AGENDA – Meetings of the EFMLS Board of Directors


3/28/21 EFMLS Board of Directors Quarterly Meeting
-held virtually via Zoom at 5:00 pm EST (Register HERE)


From the Chair of EFMLS Board of Directors, President David Nock

3/26/21 – No update to Preliminary Meeting Agenda, therefore, the Agenda is final.

3/23/21 – Posting of Preliminary AGENDA

3/28/21 EFMLS BOD Meeting AGENDA:

Introduction of the AGENDA –  I have been contacted by many of you with regard to the weighty matters which have been on public display for over a year now.  I understand that you want to see these matters resolved and that is what we will deal with at this BOD meeting.  These are concerns that the BOD must vote on to demonstrate your choice in handling the issues the Federation is beset with.

The following is the Primary Proposal EFMLS Bill 01 § 032821 to be voted on at the upcoming BOD Meeting on 3/28/21 (if all necessary requirements are met to hold the meeting):

  1. Move forward and continue with the progress being made with respect to the organization being a service organization and the developing changes.
  2. Revert backward.  Leave the Federation as it existed before the current administration.
  3. Dissolve the EFMLS.

All secondary Proposals will be dependent upon the outcome of the vote of the Primary Proposal: Please check back on this web page for more information.

The final AGENDA providing further details of the above proposals we be distributed at the end of the week of March 26, 2021.



from ARTICLE 7: MEETINGS of the EFMLS 2020 Bylaws

ARTICLE 7: SECTION 7A. A meeting in this Article shall be defined as, the Annual Meeting (defined by New York Not-For-Profit Corporation Law 603.b as “a meeting of the members shall be held annually for the election of directors and the transaction of other business…”), a Board of Directors Meeting, or an Executive Committee Meeting. Meeting shall be conducted either physically, electronically / virtually, via streaming media or by currently available technology, where all Officers can actively participate (able to hear and be heard simultaneously, in an orderly manner) in the meeting. At such meeting electronic voting shall be allowed for all participants who are eligible to vote.

ARTICLE 7: SECTION 7B. In the event of unforeseen, unanticipated and / or extraordinary circumstances, flexibility is allowed for scheduling and the format of meetings in order to continue to conduct business as near to normal as is possible.

ARTICLE 7: SECTION 7C. The President shall appoint an independent Professional Registered Parliamentarian for the Annual Meeting and any other meeting the President shall deem to be official.