Advertise your Society’s Show


Send us a message on the Contact Page. Please list the show dates, times, locations, a link to your Society’s website, and show contact information. 

Rock & Gem Magazine ( print and online )    List your show in Rock and Gem Magazine and online. This is a FREE service. 




Evie Says 

Create a Facebook Event for your Monthly Mineral Meetings

 How do you create an event on Facebook?    To create an event from your Facebook Page, click the Events app and then click the Create Event link. You can also click the Create Event button in the top-right corner if you have past events that are listed in the screen. You can also create an event from the Publisher directly on your Timeline. 

Mineral Events e-mail the information to if you would like your society’s show listed – it’s free


Your online source for vendors and events in New Jersey. Advertise your show here on the  network of sites: PA Vendors | NJ Vendors | DE Vendors | MD Vendors 

Rocks and

NOTICE TO SOCIETIES—Listing of all shows is a free service provided by ROCKS & MINERALS. Information on upcoming shows must be received at least four months before date of publication. Include date, place, sponsoring Society, contact person, phone number, and email and/or website. Send all notices to 

ALAA – American Lands Access Association

Show Dates for Gem and Mineral Shows Sponsored by Member Societies and Members of the American Lands Access Association, Inc. For inclusion in the list send you show information to


This is a website dedicated to Fossils. You must create an account and advertise your Fossil Show here. 


Local Newspapers – Online Community Bulletin Board

Most local newspapers have an online community bulletin board / online calendar and will allow you to add your show for free.

Local County Tourism Website

Most local county tourism offices have an online community bulletin board / online calendar and will allow you to add your show for free. 

Craigslist    Choose your city on the right hand side of the page – under the heading COMMUNITY – click on EVENTS – it will open a new screen – click POST in the upper right hand corner of the screen – add your show / mineral event. ( will require setting up a free account ) 

Local Chamber of Commerce

Most local Chamber of Commerce Offices have an online community bulletin board / online calendar and will allow you to add your show for free. 

EVVNT create an account and advertise your local mineral show. ( Will require setting up a free account) 


The signs are great for high traffic areas, exit ramps near your event – lawn signs near or around the event. We do not promote or endorse any sign companyThe signs can be purchased for as little as .84 cents each online from a sign company. 

Please check with your local city, town, or municipality regarding signs and sign ordinances. 




       If your mineral society does not have a facebook page…   It needs one! facebook is a great way to create events and advertise your show, your club meetings, and find new members. You can post pictures of your field trips etc.   

facebook Live

facebook Live is the best way to interact with viewers in real time.  During your Mineral & Gem show you can go LIVE and show your facebook viewers the beautiful and interesting things happening LIVE at your show.  You can post this live video to your mineral Society’s facebook Page. 


Instagram is a cellphone or mobile device application. You can link your Instagram and facebook accounts together. Instagram is all about posting pictures of your mineral shows, field trips etc, video your society meetings and post them.

Show Coordinator

The Federation has a Show Coordinator who, when consulted, will help schedule shows so that nearby organizations will not schedule shows at the same time and be competing for the same audience. This of course, only works when the people who are putting on the shows check with the coordinator.  The Show Coordinator also sees that organization show information appears in the EFMLS News.