1. Members will conduct themselves in a manner that best represents EFMLS

2. Members will respect and cooperate with the field trip leader, land owner, or other designated authorities while collecting.

3. Minors must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian while on field trips.

4. Members will conduct their collecting activities in a manner which is safe for themselves and others.

5. Members will wear all required safety clothing and equipment (hard hats, sturdy shoes, eye protection, etc.) for the entire duration of the field trip.

6. Members will not collect without appropriate permission on private or public lands.

7. Members will follow all applicable local, state and federal laws pertaining to collecting of specimens.

8. Members will report to the appropriate authorities any seemingly scientifically important mineral, fossil specimen, or archaeological artifacts.

9. Members will not use the name “EFMLS” to gain access, when not on an official field trip, to lands for collecting.