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David Nock, Past President
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LATEST BUSINESS of the Immediate Past President…

8.1.21- “The Hangover, Part 4!”  The EFMLS “OG” strikes again!  3 long standing ex-members of the EFMLS who apparently control amfed (AFMS/American Federation), have instructed the AFMS Scholarship Foundation to invalidate the 2021 EFMLS Student Scholarships.  What does this mean?  All will soon find out!

7.17.21- Farewell Andy!  Andy Brodeur, Chairperson of the Eastern Field Access Council (EFAC) entered the Federation Eternal (webpage coming soon) on July, 14.  We wish Andy, his friends (the CT Valley Mineral Club) and family, peace and comfort through this journey.

7.13.21- IT’S OFFICIAL!
Please welcome the New Leaders of the EFMLS Executive Committee!  See Elections page.

7.10.21- Congrats to our new group of Leaders! 
Voting results from last night’s elections to be verified by the Professional Registered Parliamentarian.  See Executive Committee


7.4.21- Happy 4th Everyone!  Welcome to EFMLS Independence Week!

7.2.21- Attention all members, 1 week until your Annual Meeting. 

6.29.21- The role of [“my Presidency (as I saw it) was” added 7.10.21] to manage the Federation in the most efficient way possible.
Like the business that we are.  Looking for an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the thousands of EFMLS members?  There’s never been a better time.  Shoot me an email and I will be happy share to the possibilities.

6.27.21- With less time comes less deliberation.
“On that note, I’m hearing the roar of the crowd.”  Moving swiftly and succinctly. is our voice.  3 Zoom-togethers to go!

  1. On Monday, 6/28 @ 6:28pm, we begin.  ” #IamTheFederation ”  Go to to register.    Local Society Leaders, come on in…  Meeting Topic – Local Leaders in the New Federation- “A Skull Session”  —the example (not real.., yet) hashtag above, the “#Iam” doesn’t mean me, it means you!!!
  2. On Thursday, 7/8/21 @ 6:30 pm. ” INSIDE Us  ” Any Rockhound in a MRO (Mineralogical Related Organization), i.e. “club,” will want to attend this SUMMIT!  – The RockHound INSIDE – Now go Register and join your fellow RockHound for this landmark opportunity event.  We’re inviting Rockhounds “everywhere” and from “all walks of life because this is FOR everyone!”
  3. On Friday, 7/9/21 @ 6:00 pm, A “True” Annual Meeting for the ages.  The 2021 EFMLS Annual Meeting.  Registration link will be posted to your, Board of Directors page and Members Only page in the coming days.

All 3 Events held on Zoom

6.23.21-  Another interesting Summer no doubt.

My office and the Executive Committee are moving fast, as the time for the New Federation draws near.  Most of you know (those who’ve stayed tuned), we’re approaching the turning point in just a few weeks.  On Friday July 9, we’ll be holding our second virtual Annual Business Meeting and first true Annual Meeting.  True to the local members as this is what an annual meeting is supposed to be.  All members can not not only just take part, you can make this “your” Federation again.

About David

On his mind: 

Some of you may have seen me wear this recently.  I’m wearing it a lot more these days. (posted 6/20/21)

“I believe that in my capacity, finding myself as the leader in this place (EFMLS), I have a duty and obligation to the welfare of my constituents, the EFMLS Stakeholder Members, and this goes beyond the business of the organization.”

“Not only the individual’s (EFMLS Members) who I serve and this begins with your health & safety, I have a responsibility to the general public that we all come in contact with in our communities.  I have found myself again as your President, faced with the following same issues (Organizational and Personal).”

“The wave of the SARS-CoV-2 Delta Variant will likely be running its course during the Fall Session of Wildacres in early September.  If you plan to attend, proof of Covid Vaccination is mandatory and for the protection of the venue (Wildacres Retreat Facility & personnel) you are requested to sign to acknowledge their Commitment to Care Plan.  (go to the Wildacres page).  And regarding this upcoming event (same as my attempt to cancel the originally scheduled March 2020 Convention), due to health and human safety; HIPAA, State of North Carolina, or whatever… you can “talk to the hand!”  Proof of Vaccination is mandatory!

“After three months with another family member, I’m currently faced with the following issue once again.  I was informed that officially on June 12th, the only remaining member of my nuclear, is now gone.  My brother died by suicide (his life).  PSA if I may: Please get whatever help you need for whatever you need help for!  I can’t thank all of you enough, in the many local EFMLS Societies, who have shown your support for me at this time.  I’m trying to still take comfort in the fact that I was able to be the one who made the 911 call to save one family member’s life three months ago. But even this little comfort, is now much less.”

Last known image(s): 


David’s Latest Finds:

Observed (7/21/21)

Road trip stop to meet Dr Tyler Spano of Oak Ridge National Laboratory (RockHound INSIDE Event Panelist) to view a variety of radioactive minerals.

photos coming soon…

Self Collected (6/12/21 – Central New York State)

Ammonite Partial

Phacops.  I’ve decided to name it “John.”


EFMLS Past President, David Nock
    more about David…

David spent his formative years in Appalachia (the son of geologist) where he grew up with a fondness and appreciation of the natural environment.  He was born in Houston, TX when his father was working for Big Oil, then moved to a coal region in Western Maryland and later earned a degree in Environmental Analysis & Planning from Frostburg State University.  He originally wanted to be a geologist like his Dad.  In early adulthood, David spent 10 years working for NOAA’s National Geodetic Survey running GPS Networks throughout the continental U.S.  And also rockhounded here and there along the way.  After seeing the country (most all of it) his goal was to settle in the Pacific Northwest.  After 10 years in Bellingham, WA, life took him to the Shoreline area of Connecticut at the time of the Great Recession.  Since arriving in New England, David has worked at Yale University in the School of Public Health (Global Health) and the Yale School of Medicine (Infectious Diseases) since 2009.  This is also when his path to move the Rockhounding Community forward took shape.  For most of the past 10 years, David has served as an advocate for our shared recreation in organizational settings.  If you ask him about what he’s done to drive our industry forward, he’ll likely say that he’s just getting started.

David’s mineral fave is Ammolite (Banner picture above).  He’ll profess, is the best of both worlds,
the perfect specimen variety that combines mineral and fossil.