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EFMLS President, Eric Hoffman

About Eric…

Eric Hoffman is currently the President of the Patuxent Lapidary Guild (Annapolis, MD) and has been since 2015. He also teaches faceting and lost wax casting there, and has served on the Board in other capacities in the past. Other vaguely-related interests include precious metal refining and coin collecting (the less-good silver and gold ones may also turn into casting fodder!). Eric is a certified Pre-Master with the United States Faceters Guild, and will eventually get around to qualifying a a Master Faceter. He currently works for The Man, but is looking forward to a semi-retirement of creating more shiny rocks and jewelry and getting more miles in on his shiny new gravel bike. He currently lives with his daughter, 2 cats, and a pretty blue tarantula in Odenton, MD.