The Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies, Inc

The EFMLS Elections Committee was created in 2020 due to the need for fair and equitable Federation Elections.

2020 Bylaws

The Elections Committee will conduct the elections for all elected positions
at the Annual Meeting or on an as needed basis at a regular Quarterly BOD Meeting.
Upon notice of the selection of candidates provided by the EFMLS Nominating Committee,*
the Elections Committee will conduct each election with an independent external review process.




Regional Representatives (TBD)


UPDATE: July 13, 2021.  Professional Registered Parliamentarian, Steve Britton has certified the Elections of the 2021 – 2022 EFMLS Executive Committee.

July 9, 2021 – Executive Committee Election held at the 2021 Annual Meeting. See Executive Committee page.



Regular elections will be held at an Annual Meeting.  Every elected position term is for a 2-year period (2020 Bylaws).  Special Elections can be held at any regular Quarterly Meeting of the Board of Directors (BOD) in the event that a position holder can not continue their regular term or under special circumstances as determined by the BOD.

(see bottom of page for Elections of Representatives to Affiliate Organizations)**

UPDATE (June 2021)

The Nominating Committee of the 8 Regional Representatives are currently unable to complete the nomination process for the upcoming 2021 Elections (see 2020 Bylaws).  The EFMLS Executive Committee would like to thank those members of the EFMLS Board of Directors and the members of the 2021 CMLC who have volunteered to serve as the 2021 Nominating Committee.


*EFMLS Nominating Committee

The 2020 Bylaws established the 8 EFMLS Regional Representatives to serve as the EFMLS Nominating Committee.

In the event that the Nominating Committee can not fulfill its duties, members on the
Board of Directors possess the authority to serve in the capacity
as the Nominating Committee.

Due to the disruption (unable to meet physically/Covid-19) with the normal election process cycle in 2020, the term of office of elected positions at the 2021 Annual Meeting, 7/9/21, will be for the remainder of 2021 and 2022 (an approximate 1.5 year term).  The elected position terms on this date, will begin on July 10, 2021. (Parliamentary Rule)

2021 Elections

Held during the 2021 Annual Meeting (via Zoom) on Friday, July 9, 2021 at 6:00 pm.

Term: July 2021 – December 2023: Executive Committee (see Executive Committee & Officers page for list of positions)

Term: July 2021 – December 2023: PROPOSED Board of Directors (BOD) Officers (2 positions)

Agent of the Treasury
Agent of Technology Standards

The BOD Officer Agent Positions encompass the system of checks and balance of the EFMLS Executive Committee and to a greater extent, a review process on the operations of the internal administration.

Complete Agent Position descriptions will be posted on the BOD page soon.


NOTE:  EFMLS Program and Committee Co-Chair positions are appointed by the President and/or Executive Committee


Any member of any EFMLS Affiliate Member Society is encouraged to run

for any EFMLS Elected Office. The Federation highly encourages

local Society members to serve in the

management of their Federation.


Past Elections

July 9, 2021-  (2021 – 2022) Executive Committee Elections at the 2021 Annual Meeting.

PURPORTED ELECTION – May 2021 EFMLS Representative to the American Federation (AFMS Regional Vice President/Officer) is VOIDED per violation of AFMS and EFMLS rules.

PURPORTED ELECTION – December 2020 – Per violation of NY State Non-Profit Law (EFMLS is a NY State Corporation), the election of 2021 EFMLS Officers Purported December 2020 Election. This election is VOIDED.

POSTPONED ELECTION – October 2020 – Due to the Ratification of the 2020 Bylaws on October 21, 2020, the elections at the 2020 Annual Meeting on October 23, 202o, required that the election be POSTPONED for lack of qualified candidates.  The 2020 Executive Committee is obligated to serve in their current capacity until the continuation of the 2020 Election at the 2021 Annual Meeting.

PURPORTED ELECTION – August/September 2020 EFMLS Representative to the American Federation (AFMS Regional Vice President/Officer) is VOIDED per violation of AFMS and EFMLS rules.


**Affiliate Organization Elections.  As a current member organization of the American Federation (AFMS/amfed), the EFMLS Board of Directors possesses the sole authority as the  EFMLS Election Committee to conduct the Annual Election of the EFMLS Representative to the AFMS (AFMS Regional Vice President/Officer).


The EFMLS Elections Committee was created in 2020