EFMLS Committees and Chairs

The President of EFMLS appoints several key persons to assist with the operation of the Federation. Listed on the following pages are the committee chairpersons current for 2023 with a brief description of what the committee does.
For more complete information on EFMLS Programs, please see the Standard Operating Procedures and Policies.

Appointed Committees

† EFMLS Representative to AFMS Committee(s).

AFMS All American Award †

Processes applications from EFMLS member clubs entering the AFMS contest.


AFMS Endowment Fund †

Raises funds, the interest of which is to be used to offset the expenses incurred by the AFMS.

Endowment Chair: Larry Huffman • 828-612-4469 •

AFMS Scholarship Foundation †

Receives donations from EFMLS member clubs and passes these on to AFMS. Letters to donors are written, and records are maintained as to the level of participation for each club.

Coordinator: Steve Weinberger • 410-833-7926 •

AFMS Uniform Rules †

The EFMLS representative on the AFMS uniform rules committee assists in formulating the rules used for competitive exhibits and is in charge of AFMS competition when the EFMLS hosts the AFMS convention.

Bill Stephens (acting) •

AFMS Ways & Means †

Studies ways and institutes means to raise additional funds for the EFMLS and the AFMS

Ways and Means Chairperson: Cheryl Neary • 516-449-5341 •

Annual Auction ( EFMLS )

The EFMLS auction is held annually in conjunction with the EFMLS Annual Convention, and is an additional source of funds for Federation general operating expenses. Items auctioned are typically donated by members of the Federation or by dealers at the Regional Show during the Annual Convention.

Chair: Cheryl Neary • 516-449-5341 •

Annual Directory ( EFMLS )

Correlates information about the EFMLS member clubs and publishes it, along with pertinent information about the AFMS and EFMLS in an annual booklet.

Chair: Beverly Eisenacher • 717-558-9487 •

Audit/Review Committee

The Audit & Review Committee conducts an annual audit or review of all documents pertaining to the administration of monetary issues of all offices or committees responsible for the collection, maintaining, or disbursement of funds. Performs other usual and customary duties as may be assigned or prescribed


Boundaries †

Assists neighboring Regional Federation Chairpersons in maintaining good relations between Regional Federations.


Budget And Finance

Prepares the federation budget

Larry Huffman • 828-612-4469 •

Bulletin Editors Advisory Committee (BEAC) †

The Bulletin Editors’ Advisory Committee assists editors and fosters the publication of local newsletters by way of multiple activities, the most visible of which is the annual Bulletin Editors’ Contest.

Designed to offer guidance to editors in the publication of their club newsletters and to honor outstanding longevity of these editors and their contributing authors. The bulletin editors’ contest is held annually as a means to evaluate this work with results announced at the annual convention.

BEAC Advisory: Lucy Jackson • 631-289-2328 •


Reviews proposed amendments from Member Societies, the Executive Board, Past President Advisory Council and Bylaws Committee for clarity and compatibility. Suggests changes to recommended amendments when appropriate. Assures that financial implications of proposed amendments are clear and complete and accompany proposed amendment.

Bylaws Committee shall retain the services of a legal professional (J.D. or Esq.) when reviewing amendments or changes proposed to the committee.

Bylaws Committee Contact: Bill Stephens • 302-540-3453 •

Club Rockhound Of The Year ( ROTY ) Award †

Honors one individual or couple from each club each year. In addition, a junior member may also be honored. Any club member can nominate an outstanding Rockhound.

Chairperson: Ellery Borow • 207-547-3154 •

Conservation And Legislation †

Purpose is to create an awareness among all Federation members of matters concerning conservation and the environment, and proposed legislation that will affect their interest and activities.

Chair: Bill Stephens • 302-540-3453 •

Convention Advisory

The Convention Advisory Committee processes invitations from local societies wishing to host a Federation Show.

Chair: Cheryl Neary

Convention Show – This position is a special officer not a committee

Description pending

Chair: Cheryl Neary • 516-449-5341 •

Each One Teach One Award ( EOTO )

Committee honors the efforts of individual Society members who advance the interests of mineralogy and earth sciences through education, time and effort. To be considered for the annual award, individuals must provide services without financial gain.

Award Chair: Betsy Oberheim • 717-469-2243 •

Eastern Foundation Fund

The purpose of this fund is to provide funds which will assure a sound financial basis for present and future operation of the federation. For ideas on how you or your club can help, contact the chairman.

EFF Contact: OPEN


Keeps all important records and documents of the Federation

History Committee Chair: OPEN

Insurance Coordination

Arranges for the annual insurance package available to EFMLS member Clubs

(Acting) Bill Stephens • 302-540-3453 •

Junior Activities †

Assists member clubs in obtaining information about junior clubs and activities.

Betsy Oberheim • 717-469-2243 •

Legal Advisory

Assists the President and Executive Board with legal matters.


Librarian ( Slide And Video ) †

Maintains the extensive EFMLS slide and video library, fills requests, disseminates information about AFMS competitions. List of available programs to sign out can be found at efmls.org/about-us/library

Librarian/Programs Chair: Janice Kowalski • 516-319-8883 •

Long Range Planning

Committee studies matters which may impact the future of the Federation.


Operating Procedures

Initiates and reviews proposed changes to the operating procedures manual and presents them with recommendations to the executive board for its vote.

Barbara Ringhiser •


When requested, advises the chair regarding conduct of the meeting.


Safety †

Advises members of safety procedures that affect the hobby.

Ellery Borow • 207-547-3154 •

Social Media

Facebook Page

Social Media Director: Andrew Eppig •

Supplies †

The Supplies Committee keeps, maintains and sells EFMLS and AFMS supplies and materials.

Chair: Ellery Borow • 207-547-3154 •

Uniform Rules †

The EFMLS representative on the AFMS Uniform Rules Committee assists in formulating the rules used for competitive exhibits and is in charge of AFMS Competition when the EFMLS hosts the AFMS Convention. Oversees the judging and competition of exhibit displays at the EFMLS Convention Regional Show.


Ways & Means ( EFMLS )

Studies ways and institutes them to raise additional funds for the EFMLS such as the annual raffle.

Cheryl Neary • 516-449-5341 •


Sets up, maintains, and helps disseminate information about the Federation via the EFMLS Website.

EFMLS.org Webmaster & Site Manager: Bill Stephens (Acting) • 302-540-3453 •

EFMLS.org Website Development & Support: MAD House Graphics

Website Contest

The committee conducts an annual competition among affiliate member societies. Entries are also submitted to the AFMS national competition.


Wildacres Workshop Committee

Oversees the operation of, and is responsible for the EFMLS workshops held at Wildacres. The Chairman is appointed by the EFMLS President. Members are appointed for a 3-year term and may serve for 2 consecutive terms. Two members are selected each year.

Chair: Steve Weinberger • 410-833-7926 •

Director: Mark Kucera • 914-423-8360 •

Registrar: John Milligan • 607-687-5108 •

† EFMLS Representative to AFMS Committee(s).

Elected Committee

Nominating Committee

Prepares a suggested slate of candidates for the election held at the annual meeting. Members are elected for three year terms by the Directors at the Annual Meeting. The immediate past President is automatically a member for one year. The number shown prior to a members name indicates the years left in their elected term. — Eric Hoffman (IPP/temp Chair), Cheryl Neary, Ellery Borow, Cheryl Brown, Carrie Meyers, Janice Kowalski