The Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies, Inc

EFMLS Change Management
& Leadership Council

CMLC Co-Chairs:
Christine Conlon
Gary Bergtholdt (Acting for PPAC Chair)


Please welcome the New Members of the 2021 Change Management & Leadership Council!

Email to contact our new leaders.  If you would like to join the 2021 CMLC, contact Christine & Gary above.


Latest News—

7/8/21 – SUMMIT EVENT – The RockHound Inside –  All are welcome.  Go here for details.

5/12/21 – President Nock creates the EFMLS Diversity Program Office.  The Office to operate under the CMLC for the foreseeable future.


See 7/8/21 above


6/28/21 CMLC Meeting – Local Leaders in the New Federation- “A Skull* Session”

Mon 6-28 @ 6:28 pm : Discussion held for ways to clear the path to start the engagement process for local Society members to discover leadership opportunities in the New EFMLS.  Meeting outcome will mark the beginning of the end of the continuing discord of previous administrations (legal & purported).
Chat log 6.28.21

5/26/21 1st President’s RoundTable of 2021

On May 26, 2021, the CMLC held the first President’s Roundtable of 2021.  The outcome of the meeting established a new group of 15 leaders who stepped up to see certain current objectives and to address the process for selecting the next EFMLS Administration for the upcoming Annual Meeting on Friday, July, 9 2021.


2021 Past Activities-

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2020 Activities-

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How the Change Management & Leadership Council came to be


In May of 2020, President Nock devised a program and formed a council of concerned EFMLS Members to address a variety of issues that substantially held back previous Federation Administrations to move into the modern age.  The need was clear that running the organization by traditional (never-changing) means was falling shorter than ever.  The Change Management & Leadership Council, CMLC, was underway.  The Council began to take action and created additional programs and events that had one primary goal in mind.  Local member engagement and community building with a modern structure.