The Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies, Inc

The President Directors (local Society Presidents) comprise the majority of the EFMLS Board of Directors.

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Aiken Gem Mineral & Fossil Society (SC)

Walt Kubilius – President, AGMFS

Alabama Mineral & Lapidary Society, Inc (AL)

Sandra Sullivan – President, AMLS

American Fossil Federation (MD)

Jim Patzer – President, AFF

Augusta Gem And Mineral Society (GA)

James Cook – President, AGAMS

Baltimore Mineral Society (MD)

Al Pribula – President, BMS

Berks Mineralogical Society (PA)

Dennis Buffenmyer – President, BMS

Boston Mineral Club (MA)

Shane Maxwell – President, BMC (New President 2021)

Bristol Gem & Mineral Club (CT)

Paul Martell – President, BGMC

Buffalo Geological Society (NY)

Craig Posmantur – President, BGS

Burlington Gem & Mineral Club (VT)

Carole Graas – President, BGMC

Cape Atlantic Rockhounds (NJ)

Gregory Natale – President, CAR (New President 2021)

Capital District Mineral Club (NY)

Mackenzie Hall – President, CDMC

Capital Mineral Club (NH)

Don Dallaire – President, CMC

Catawba Valley Gem & Mineral Club (NC)

Norma Ridenhour – President, CVGMC

CVGMC hosted the Hybrid 2020 EFMLS Annual Convention.

Central Florida Mineral & Gem Society (FL)

Sal Sansone – President, CFMGS

Central Pennsylvania Rock & Mineral Club (PA)

R.J. Harris – President, CPRMC (New President 2021)

Che-Hanna Rock & Mineral Club (PA)

Bruce Benish – President, CHRMC

Chesapeake Gem & Mineral Society, Inc (MD)

Lynne Emery – President, CGMS

Connecticut Valley Mineral Club (MA)

Wayne Corwin – President (Acting), CVMC (New President 2021)

Webmaster, Newsletter Editor, past VP, Field trip chair

I started collecting minerals & crystals when I was just 5, and by age 8 I was teaching rocks & minerals in school for extra credits.  I’ve been in the mining industry for 43 years, opening up and setting up mines, working in a long list of mines in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and New York.
I’m a good heavy equipment operator and mechanic besides, which comes in real handy in my line of work. Some of the mines were dimensional stone quarries, others were crushed stone quarries, and they always had good mineral specimens too, if you knew where to look. But the best mines were always the mineral specimen or gem mines I was running or working for!

Danbury Mineralogical Society (CT)

Peg Hedrick – President, DMS

Delaware Mineralogical Society (DE)

Christine Verdi – President, DMS

“I like minerals but I LOVE fossils!  I’ve been to Tucson once and hope to go back next year.”

Delaware Valley Earth Science Society, Inc (NJ)

Mark Leipert – President, DVESS

Delaware Valley Paleontological Society (PA)

Cathy Young – President, DVPS

Finger Lakes Gem, Mineral & Fossil Club (NY)

Michael McElwee – President, FLGMFC

Finger Lakes Mineral Club (NY)

Eric Larson – President, FLMC

Florida Panhandle Gem & Mineral Society (FL)

David Blackman – President, FPGMS

Franklin County Rock & Mineral Club (PA)

Richard Ausherman – President, FCRMC

Franklin-Ogdensburg Mineralogical Society, Inc (NJ)

Gary Kerstanski – President, FOMS

Friends of Mineralogy – New Jersey Chapter (NJ)

Dave Shapiro – President, FMNJ

Fulton County Mineral Club (NY)

Bob Ballad – President, FCMC

Gem & Mineral Society of Lynchburg (VA)

James Tomlin – President, GMSL

Gem & Mineral Society of Syracuse, Inc (NJ)

Richard Lyons – President, GMSS

Gem & Mineral Society of the Palm Beaches, Inc (FL)

Arlene Lazzaro – President, GMSPB (New President 2021)

Gem & Mineral Society of the Virginia Peninsula, Inc (VA)

Debbie Rice – President, GMSVP

Gem City Rock & Mineral Society (PA)

James Trimble – President, GCRMS

Gem Cutters Guild of Baltimore, Inc (MD)

Kevin Meyers – President, GCGB

Gem, Lapidary & Mineral Society of Leisure World/Rossmoor (MD)

Frank Roddy – President, GLMSLW

Gem, Lapidary & Mineral Society of Washington, DC (DC)

Denise Nelson – President, GLMSDC

Kanawha Rock And Gem Club, Inc (WV)

Susie Lamb – President, KRGC

“I like shiny things.”  Before I joined my local rock club, or even knew it existed, I loved going to roadside gem mines. I didn’t know that they were ‘seeded’. I never wondered where the gemstones came from because I was so gullible and naive that I believed they came from the spot where I was washing them out of bucket of sand in a sluice. I’ve come a long way since then.

My favorite is the Apache Tear. I got one in one of those roadside gem mines. I liked it because it was so smooth. I didn’t know what it was. I had it for 10 or 15 years before I accidentally discovered that it was translucent. It was a discovery like no other! I was amazed and I told all my friends and showed my entire family. It still holds its magical spell on me and makes me smile every time I pick one up.

Keene Mineral Club (NH)

Laura Guillet – President, KMC

I’m a lifelong student. So anything new about mineralogy interests me. I can’t get enough of information! Coordinating is also one of my strengths.

Kennebec Rocks & Minerals Club (ME)

Paul Pinette – President, KRMC

Lakeshore Gem & Mineral Club, Inc (NY)

Mark Dameron – President, LGMC

Lancaster County Fossil & Mineral Club (PA)

Christopher Haefner – President, LCFMC

Awarded the EFMLS Scientific Discovery Award for new fossil species.

Lapidary & Mineral Society Of Central Connecticut, Inc (CT)

Robert Schuster – President, LMSCC

Leidy Microscopical Society (PA)

Eric Brosius – President, LMS

Long Island Mineral & Geology Society (NY)

Eugene Genova – President, LIMAGS

Maine Mineralogical & Geological Society (ME)

Mark Libbey – President, MMGS

Manchester Gem & Mineral Club (CT)

Mack McCormick – President, MGMC

Maryland Geological Society, Inc (MD)

Rick Smith – President, MGS

Miami Mineralogical & Lapidary Guild, Inc (FL)

John Speier – President, MMLG

Micromineralogists of the National Capital Area (VA)

David MacLean – President, MNCA

Micromounters of New England (MA)

Scott Reilly – President, MMNE

Mid-Hudson Valley Gem & Mineral Society, Inc (NY)

Linda Wuest – President, MHVGMS

Mineral & Fossil Interest Club (KY)

Alan Goldstein – President, MAFIC

Mineralogical Society of Brattleboro (VT)

William Shores – President, MSB

Mineralogical Society of Northeastern Pennsylvania (PA)

Fred Winters – President, MSNEPA

Mineralogical Society of the District of Columbia, Inc (DC)

David Hennessey – President, MSDC

Monongahela Rockhounds (PA)

Johanna Burnett – President, MR

Monroe County Earth Science Association (PA)

Jude Porter – President, MCESA

Moraine Rockbusters (PA)

Sandra Chmelovsky – President, MR

Morris Museum Mineralogical Society (NJ)

Kathy Francis – President, MMMS

Nashoba Valley Mineralogical Society (MA)

Michelle Martin – President, NVMS

Nassau Mineral Club (NY)

Diane Angus – President, NMC

New Haven Mineral Club (CT)

Arthur Doyle – President, NHMC

New Jersey Lapidary Society, Inc (NJ)

Tim Stefanoski – President, NJLS

New Jersey Mineralogical Society, Inc (NJ)

Leora Broche – President, NJMIN

New York Mineralogical Club, Inc (NYC)

Diane Beckman – President (Acting), NYMC

New York Paleontological Society (NYC)

Don Phillips – President, NYPS

New York Southern Tier Geology Club, Inc (NY)

Mark Smith – President, NYSTGC

Nittany Mineralogical Society (PA)

David Glick – President, NMS

North Jersey Mineralogical Society, Inc (NJ)

Dave Shapiro – President, NoJMS
“Call me Director Hog please!  Dave -the Groundhog- Shapiro here.  Also the President of FMNJ Chapter here in New Jersey.  What can I say, I’m a field collector at heart.”

North Shore Rock & Mineral Club (MA)

Lisa Weisberg – President, NSRMC

Northeast Georgia Mineral Society (GA)

Claudia Barton – President, NEGMS

Former EFMLS Region 7 Vice President

Northern Berkshire Mineral Club (MA)

Larry Michon – President, NBMC

Northern Virginia Mineral Club, Inc (VA)

Thomas Kim – President, NVMC  (New President 2021)


Ohio Valley Gem & Mineral Society, Inc  (OH)

J.D. Hoover – President, OVGMS

Orange County Mineral Society (NY)

Mike Tedford – President, OCMS

OCMS hosted the 2019 EFMLS Annual Convention.

Oxford County Mineral & Gem Association, Inc (ME)

Tom Hoffelder – President, OCMGA

Patuxent Lapidary Guild (MD)

Eric Hoffman – President, PLG

Pennsylvania Earth Science Association, Inc (PA)

Pete Stoeckel – President, PESA

Penobscot Mineral & Lapidary Club (ME)

Alvin Theriault – President, PMLC

Philadelphia Mineralogical Society (PA)

Karenne Snow – President, PMS

I’m also Vice-President of the Leidy Microscopical Society, member of Del Valley Paleo Soc, Field Trip leader for Mid-Atlantic Fossil & Nature Adventures. My geology degree is from Rutgers and my first fossils are from Oklahoma, when I cut high school to go collecting.

Presidential Gem & Mineral Society (NH)

Dennis Rossignal – President, PGMS

Rhode Island Mineral Hunters, Inc (RI)

Alicia Benoit – President, RIMH (New President 2021)

Richmond Gem & Mineral Society (VA)

Karl Miller – President, RGMS

Rochester Lapidary Society, Inc (NY)

Carol Summerhays – President, RLS

Rock & Mineral Club of Lower Bucks County, PA, Inc (PA)

Eric Brosius – President, RMCLBC

Saco Valley Gem & Mineral Club (NH)

Marlene York – President, SVGMC

Southeast Kentucky Gem, Mineral & Fossil Club (KY)

Larry Smith – President, SEKYGMFC

Shenandoah Valley Gem & Mineral Society (VA)

Michael Pabst – President, SVGMC

Smoky Mountain Mineral Society (TN)

Don Isley – President, SMMS

Southeast Massachusetts Mineral Club, Inc (MA)

Julie Morales – President, SEMMC

Southeastern New Hampshire Mineral Club (NH)

Ken Creed – President, SENHMC

Southern Maryland Rock & Mineral Club (MD)

Sondra Fielder – President, SMRMC

Southwest Florida Gem, Mineral & Fossil Club (FL)

Grace Smith – President, SFGMFC

St. Lawrence County Rock & Mineral Club (NY)

Bill deLorraine – President, SLCRMC

Stamford Mineralogical Society (CT)

Nancy Mattson – President, SMS

Staten Island Geological Society, Inc (NY)

Jim Wassmuth – President, SIGS

Tar Heel Gem & Mineral Club (NC)

Beverly House – President, THGMC (New President 2021)

Thames Valley Rockhounds, Inc (CT)

Al Peret – President, TVR

Recipient of the 2018 EFMLS Each One Teach One (EOTO) Award.

Tidewater Gem & Mineral Society, Inc (VA)

Robin Stoughton – President, TGMS

Tuscarora Lapidary Society (PA)

Linda Green – President, TLS

UV Nomads (NY)

Ken St John – President, UVN

Washington County Gem & Mineral Society (ME)

Theresa Peek – President, WCGMS

Rockhound by marriage! Bit by the bug in 2005, now rocks have taken over my life…seriously…I play with rocks for a living! Personal favs: field collecting petrified wood and Maine tourmaline, making and wearing stone jewelry, and collecting spheres (70+ in our collection).

Water-Oak Gem & Mineral Society, Inc (ME)

Ellery Borow – President, WOGMS

Wayne County Gem & Mineral Club, Inc (NY)

Linda Schmidtgall – President, WCGMC

West Virginia Fossil Club (WV)

Sue Hurst – President, WVFC

Worcester Mineral Club (MA)

Bob Manlick – President, WMC

EFMLS President

Eric Hoffman – Chair of the EFMLS Board of Directors

About the Chair:  See President’s Page.