The Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies, Inc

The EFMLS Board of Directors (BOD) are the Primary Governing Body (PGB) of the Eastern Federation. The makeup of the Board consists of the Presidents of each affiliated local Mineralogical Society and the EFMLS President. The local Presidents are referred to as the President Directors who make up the majority of the BOD and essentially, are the Governors of the EFMLS.

Sunday, March 28, 2021 at 5:00pm: EFMLS Board of Directors Meeting via Zoom

CANCELLED.  Due to the inability to achieve a registered quorum, the following meeting was cancelled.

2/28/21 AGENDA: Please go here

Thank you, David Nock
EFMLS President
& Chair of the EFMLS Board of Directors


**Please send any comments regarding the following to:

ONGOING ISSUE – (see 2.26.21 below) Mad House Design attempts to seize control of the official website,

3.25.21  Policy proposal: President Directors to administer EFMLS Regional Zoom Accounts for their local business meetings.  Draft Policy available in April, 2021.

Bill Stephens Demand Letter to EFMLS Treasurer, Gary Bergtholdt (doc)
Mr. Stephens (not an elected Officer of the EFMLS per the State of NY) has no authority to demand anything on his or the Executive Committee’s behalf.  NY State Law does not recognize any Board other than the Board of Directors.  In addition, the ratified 2020 Bylaws removed the previous EFMLS Executive Board of its authority in accordance with NY State law.  Note, the former Executive Board did not have this authority under the previous 2016 Bylaws.

Based on the nature and language of said Demand Letter (see link above), and consultation with legal counsel, Mr. Stephens is also purporting himself as an attorney.  This act may qualify as a Class E felony punishable by up to four years in prison and a $5,000 fine as defined by New York State Law.

2.26.21 – The Board of Directors were notified from the EFMLS WebService Group that multiple attempts were made by Mad House Design (a Delaware Web Design Company) to take control of the Official EFMLS Website,  Further and ongoing investigation has determined that Mad House Design has a business relationship with Mr. William “Bill” Stephens.  In fact, Mad House Design previously submitted a quote to contract for web design services with the EFMLS in 2019.  A full report of the investigation will be forthcoming.


The EFMLS Legal Counsel’s opinion of the Purported 2021 EFMLS Officer Election (doc)
This letter was prepared by the EFMLS Legal Counsel, a New York State Attorney.  The EFMLS is a Nonprofit Corporation, incorporated in the state of New York.