Hello from our homes to yours.  We sincerely hope that you are all safe & healthy.

We imagine that you may have been eagerly anticipating the 2022 EFMLS Annual Directory & it’s finally here!  This process was a bit more challenging for the current committee members for several reasons.  Having changed the process for filling & submitting the affiliate membership forms, we dealt with some glitches which will be adjusted, streamlined & corrected going forward.  There was a lot of validation that needed to be done & communicating with everyone can take some time for responses back & forth.

Many people assume that the process of creating the Annual Directory is a simple copy & paste procedure, but there is much more to it.  A very technically challenging piece of software was used for this year’s publication, based on a “template” used before the 2019 Directory.  The committee felt that by using the software & format that had been in place before 2019, there would be familiarity for our members.  There was somewhat of a learning curve that this choice engendered & is still ongoing.  This basic document has been refined for future reference & to make future work easier.  There was a lot of proofreading & editing that needed to be completed & it took some time to finish.

You will notice some changes in this year’s Directory, some familiar information has been moved to the new EFMLS website.  The pdf version has all of the available affiliate member logos in color & we hope that the publication is more visually appealing & easier to read.

The EFMLS has tried, to the best of our ability, to protect all personal information through every step of the entire process – however it is up to each individual to be proactive in that same protection.  All personal contact information should be guarded carefully, that is not to say that your FBI dossier will be fatally impacted if you give out someone else’s email or phone number, but it is in our own hands to maintain the privacy of this information.

The EFMLS Directory Committee