The Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies, Inc

The Split between the Eastern Federation and the Southeast Federation

In 1975, several Societies in the southeastern U.S. decided to break from the EFMLS and form a new Federation, the Southeast Federation of MIneralogical Societies.

The following documents were discovered in 2020 and is by no means intended to be a complete record of what transpired at the time.

If you have documents that you would like to add to this collection, please email  The EFMLS appreciates your contribution.

DOCUMENTS: (please click on the links below to view)

Eastern split 1975 (pdf)
1975 Bonar Chair of Bylaws letter (pdf)
Rights and Oblg 1975 (pdf)
Spcl Rpt_nwsltr page_Open Ltr 1975 (pdf)
Transfer of Eastern Fund Creates Uproar_Jenkins_1975 (pdf)
Mixture of 1975 related stuff 1 (pdf)

1991 E Board vote to call (pdf)
AFMS Addndm LRP 1990-1991 (pdf)