The AFMS Rockhound of the Year Award is a program to honor the members of our Societies that have so unselfishly sacrificed to benefit their organization. Share what these members have done and why you are proud to have them as members of your Society by submitting them as your Rockhound of the Year. The process is simple, so don’t let these members continue to go unrecognized.

Each Society may submit the name of one individual or one couple in your Society per calendar year.
Additionally, each Society may also submit the name of one junior member in your society per calendar year. Submissions can be made any time of the year.

Each Society determines its set of criteria for selecting the “Rockhound of the Year” and/or “Junior Rockhound of the Year”.

Submissions consist of approximately 75 to 100 words of why the society would like to honor the individual or couple members. In addition, include the name of the Society, who is making the submission, and a mailing address for receipt of the certificates.

Please submit to:

Ellery Borow  E-mail:


Submission Check List

  • Name of person or couple being honored.
  • Submission year (important with the end of year submissions)
  • Name of Society
  • Submitted by
  • Date when person or couple will be honored
  • USPS Mailing Address for receipt of EFMLS and AFMS certificates
  • Approximately 75 to 100 words of why the society would like to honor the person or couple.
  • Picture(s) for publishing.