The Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies, Inc

Organization Insurance for our Affiliate Member Societies

Society Annual Renewal Period: ** Extended ** through 7/1/2021

Through a program established by the Eastern Federation, organizations can purchase low cost liability and/or accident insurance to cover their activities including field trips. Liability Insurance may be required for access to collecting sites.  (See below for Insurance Certificates Contact)


Liability Insurance

A policy to protect our Affiliate Societies and its Members against damage that may be caused to another party (person or property). It is not the intent of this policy to protect the individual Society member from damage they may do or cause to themselves or to their own property. The EFMLS insurance is referred to as a “third party” policy, i.e. it is written to protect the Society and its members against loss for damage caused by or action of one of its Society members against another party. In other words it is insurance against loss resulting from liability (obligations) for injury or damage to the person or property of others.

POLICY: Commercial General Liability

LIMITS: $2,000,000.00 General Aggregate $2,000,000.00 Products-completed Operations Aggregate $1,000,000.00 Personal & Advertising Injury $50,000.00 Fire Damage — any one fire $5,000.00 Medical Expense — any one person $2,500.00 Deductible on Paid PD/BI & AI Claims

COVERAGE: Premises/Operations, incidental product liability; Blanket contractual, Broad-form property damage; Personal injury; Society members as additional insureds, Medical expenses; Limited worldwide liability; Host liquor legal liability; Automatic coverage at newly acquired locations; Non-owned watercraft; Fire damage liability.

NAME INSURED: Eastern Federation of Mineralogical & Lapidary Societies, Inc.; Each member Society, Each member.

AGENT: Brown & Brown Insurance Agency
500 Plum St., Suite 200; Syracuse, NY 13204.
Contact: Eileen Wimmer 1-800-426-1120; (P) 315-671-8833 (F) 315-703-9519

COMPANY: Burlington Insurance Company

POLICY PERIOD: EFMLS Fiscal Year 2021.
RATE: $3.50 per member.

*NOTE – (Per Brown & Brown; 7/20/2020) “We recognize the impact that the coronavirus has had on the insured. We will extend the policy for 90 days to 2/15/21 for no additional premium.”  Endorsement

ADDITIONAL INSUREDS: When a Society needs to add someone as an “Additional Insured” on a Certificate of Insurance there must be a written contract between the Society and the entity that requires that they be added as an Additional Insured on the Society’s general liability insurance. The term “Additional Insured” is a way of naming an entity (company, municipality, etc.) on your insurance for a particular purpose (i.e. an event, show, swap, meeting space, etc.) such that your insurance extends to protect them as well as you. No contract is required to request Certificates of Insurance to show proof of insurance.

Accident Insurance

The EFMLS Accident Insurance policy is available to all EFMLS member Societies and their dues paying members. Coverage is limited only to Society sanctioned activities.

Death — $7,500
Specific Loss — $15,000
Medical Expenses — $25,000 (This is primary coverage)

Eastern Federation of Mineralogical & Lapidary Societies Each Society, Each Member

AGENT: Brown & Brown Insurance Agency
Contact: Eileen Wimmer 1-800-426-1120; 315-474-3374 x 322.
COMPANY: Nationwide Insurance
RATE: $2.40 per member


Make all checks payable
and mail to address below!


EFMLS Insurance Coordinator (OPEN)

David Nock (Acting)

Insurance Certificates Contact

*If a Property Owner requires proof of insurance, please contact our Account Manager DIRECTLY*

Eileen Wimmer CISR l Account Manager

Brown & Brown of New York, Inc., dba
Brown & Brown Empire State {NYSE-BRO}
500 Plum Street │ Suite 200 │Syracuse, NY 13204

(P) 315-474-3374 Ext. 322 │ (F) 315-703-9519
Hours – 7:30 – 4:00 Monday – Friday


Make all checks payable to EFMLS and mail to:

EFMLS Treasurer

Elizabeth Triano
PO Box 879
Brewster, NY 10509