The Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies, Inc

Register HERE.  Friday, July 9 @ 6:pm.*

All EFMLS Local Society Members are cordially invited to attend!

— 2021 Annual Business Meeting and Elections —

*Please arrive 10 minutes early (5:50 pm).


The 2020 Annual Meeting is opened (re-opened) due to not being able to complete the 2020 Annual Meeting last October (No qualified Officer Candidates).  Motion is made to continue the 2020 Annual Meeting to the 2021 Meeting for Election of Officers.  2020 Annual Meeting is closed.

The 2021 Annual Meeting is opened and the Meeting Assembly


Voting Proposals:

PROP 1AM-21:  Dissolution of the EFMLS.

PROP 2AM-21:  Increase Convention Host Society Stipend from $400 to $800.

PROP 3AM-21:  Decommission of the Regional Representative Program (DRAFT)

PROP 4AM-21:  Create a Wildacres Reorganization Ad Hoc Committee.

See Complete Voting Proposals Document.


Federation Eternal 2021

EFMLS Annual Report 7-9-21

Awards (See July/Aug EFMLS Forward Newsletter)


Election of Leaders:  (See Elections Page)

All Executive Committee Positions (See Executive Committee page)

Board of Directors Agent Positions (2)

*Due to the continuation of 2020 Annual Meeting, we will hold Elections for our next Leaders to serve for the remainder of 2021 and calendar year 2022 (1.5 year term).  Leaders will take Office on July 10.